Quickly and reliably track genome data scattered across multiple Cloud storage systems.

SONG is an open source system for validating and tracking metadata about raw data submissions, assigning identifiers to entities of interest, and managing the state of the raw data with regards to publication and access.


Designed to handle the volume of your requests in an efficient and timely manner.

Easy to adopt

Relying on a standard REST API. Get started running SONG with two Docker commands.

Accurate and Efficient

Specifically designed to track genome data, SONG tracks and validates your submissions.

It's fast

Allows asynchronous uploads, so that invalid uploads don't stop valid ones from going through. Processes submissions with billions of entities in __ hours.

Turn-key solution

Uses industry standard technologies, like JSON, YAML, and REST, so you don't have to learn anything new or difficult to use SONG.

Tracks and validate

Automatically validates your metadata submissions against a JSON schema to ensure that all your metadata is correct before it gets published.

Connected metadata

Supports ACLs out of the box, so you control who and how your metadata gets published. Easy to keep track of which researcher updated which data set, and when.

Getting started

Download the SONG client - SING, our command line interface.
Build and run the source using maven with simple instructions.
get started running SONG with just two Docker commands.

Your choice of storage

Or use our storage system SCORE Learn more

A flexible data model for tracking your data across the cloud:
one specifically dedicated to genomic research.