Our Vision

Our vision is to help research, healthcare, and patient communities collaborate and advance genomic research by providing cutting-edge open source software solutions.

Genome informatics first.

You can use our solutions for anything, but here at Overture we focus on Genome Informatics. With rapidly expanding datasets at the heart, we've built our bioinformatics bundle to track, transfer, and secure genomic data in distributed cloud environments.

An open world.

We are strong believers in open-source software, open science, and open communication. Don’t hesitate to follow our team activities on GitHub by taking a look at upcoming or in-progress tickets, or even be the first to test out a feature detailed in a Pull Request.


There is no such thing as perfection. Our tools are implemented to be interchangeable from the get-go. You can pick-and-choose from our software stack and simply use the components that best match your use case.

Closing the loop

Our team has established a strong foundation in building software solutions for genomic projects, from data generation and submission all the way to data dissemination and analysis, leading to a deep understanding of the genomic data lifecycle. The Overture stack contains a wide array of components for cloud infrastructure, data shepherding, and analysis.

Join us in building tools to catalog, share and visualize data, and take part in our important mission to democratize science!