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Organizing your distributed data into one index.

Maestro helps you manage geographically distributed data stored in Song and Score with a single, configurable index.
Customizable record indexing
Index a single analysis, a study or a full Song repository with one request.
Different indexing APIs
Receive requests through Kafka or JSON Web API.
Seamless integration
Built to interact natively with Song and Arranger.
Slack integration
Keep on top of your indexing service by receiving convenient notifications in Slack.
Exclusion rule
Manage data release by exclusion of specific analyses based on any metadata tags found in Song.
Event Based Indexing
Instant data release with configurable event based indexing with Apache Kafka messaging queue.
Multiple Repository Management
Connect multiple Song servers to the same Maestro to query data distributed across different repositories.

Getting Started



Clone the repo.



Build and run the source code with maven.

$./mvnw spring-boot:run


Or run using docker compose.

$cd run/docker-compose
$docker-compose up
Index a single analysis, a study or a full Song with one request.
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