Generate & Upload

Transfer data quickly and easily to and from any cloud-based storage system.

Score facilitates the transfer and storage of your data seamlessly for cloud-based projects. File bundling, resumable downloads, and BAM/CRAM slicing make data transfer fast and smooth.
Genomic solutions
Slice and dice BAM and CRAM files with integrated command line tools.
Once your server is set up, transferring data is simple. Access any data, anytime on all major cloud services.
Score’s parallel solution makes the upload and download of files efficient and fast.
Data Integrity
Leave corrupted files behind as downloaded files are always verified against their MD5sum.
Tracks and validate
The transfer protocols allow setup with any public or private cloud service.
Pick up where you left off
Score allows you to resume file transfer when a process stops mid-transfer.

Getting Started


Build the Score server.

This will be your users method of interfacing with the cloud-based service you choose to store your data on.
$mvn -am -pl score-server


Build the Score client.

The Score client communicates with the Score server, which uploads and downloads your files.
$mvn -am -pl score-client
Transfer and store your data seamlessly for cloud-based projects.
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