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Overture is a collection of open-source software used to create platforms where researchers manage, share and access genomics data.

Powering big-data at scale

Overture has been successfully deployed in a diversity of large-scale projects.



ICGC-ARGO is collecting genomic and clinical data from 100k cancer patients. With Overture as the backbone for ICGC ARGO's infrastructure, researchers can search and gain authorized access to genomic and clinical data collected from 26 international projects.

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We are a team of software engineers, data scientists, and cloud infrastructure specialists creating applications that store, manage, and explore massive genomic datasets.

WeareateamofSoftware Engineers Iconsoftwareengineers,Data IcondatascientistsandCloud Iconcloud infrastructurespecialists creatingapplicationsBig Data Icontostore,manage,andsharemassive genomic datasets.

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Our Products

Built to be reusable and scalable, our ecosystem of research software tools reduces redundant efforts and enables the creation of robust genomics data applications

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Getting Started

3 Steps, 2 Commands, 1 Platform

The Overture Quickstart enables a fast and frictionless setup of our data platform locally.

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1. Download and configure Docker Desktop (4.32.0+)

In Docker Desktop click the cog icon , then resources. We recommend at minimum setting your CPU limit to 8, memory to 8GB, swap to 2GB, with64GB of virtual disk space available. If you have Docker already installed ensure it is up to date.

2. Clone the QuickStart Repository

git clone && cd composer

3. Run the Docker Compose

docker compose up --attach conductor
Your portal should take will be accessible from your: localhost:3000
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Build. Deploy. Discover.
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