About Us

We build and deploy applications that help the data science community organize and share massive genomics datasets.

Making big-data discoverable one byte at a time.

We are the Genome Informatics team from Ontario's Institute for Cancer Research. At OICR we develop new software, databases and other necessary components to store, organize and compute over the large and complex datasets being generated by our cancer research programs. Embodying OICR's values of collaboration and community, we are firm believers in open-source and open-science. As such our resources and expertise are shared with the data science community at large.

The Overture Story

Overture's story began in 2017 when organizations started approaching us, seeking guidance on deploying ICGC components within their environments. At the same time, we were picking up new projects and found ourselves rebuilding the same foundational features. In pursuit of efficiency, we created Overture, a collection of modular microservices designed to expedite our application development in a scalable manner. Learning from past challenges, we've refined our toolkit, which we're now eager to extend to the broader data science and research software community.

Our Values

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