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Linking the gaps between data and discovery.

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Metadata Submission, Tracking & Validation

Song governs the submission, validation and tracking of genomic metadata across multiple cloud storage systems. With minimal human intervention, multiple contributors can create structured metadata repositories full of accessible, interoperable, and reusable data.

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File transfer and Object Storage

Score simplifies data transfer and storage to and from the cloud. File bundling and resumable download features make it easy to transfer large data sets, while BAM and CRAM slicing enables users to segment large genomic files into manageable portions.

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Data Portal API and UI component generation

A data-agnostic search API built alongside a collection of reusable UI components. Arranger allows admins to configure functional data portals from any Elasticsearch index, enabling users to query data, build cohorts, and export filtered data for further analysis and interpretation.

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Authorization and User Management

Ego safeguards data with a secure protocol for authenticating users and authorizing the information and applications those users can access. Ego provides a secure permission management system and an administrative UI, making administrative tasks accessible to all collaborators.

The Overture Data Management System (DMS)

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Built from our core collection of microservices, the DMS offers turnkey installation, configuration, and deployment of the Overture software.

While a custom solution will offer greater scalability, the DMS is an ideal starting point for anyone looking to explore Overture and experience how our microservices work in concert to create comprehensive data management systems.