Case Studies

We’ve participated in projects from small to large. We welcome the chance to collaborate with you and bring your data into the future with the Overture stack!

Kids First Data Resource Center

The Kids First Data Resource Center brings together clinical and genetic data from pediatric cancer and structural birth defect cohorts into a centralized, cloud-based discovery portal. We created a collaborative, community focused portal that brings together researchers, health professionals, and patients to accelerate discoveries that improve the lives of pediatric patients and their families.
  • Integration with the cloud workflow resource, Cavatica
  • Customizable user profiles
  • Innovative data searching and visualization
  • Interactive cohort builder allowing query combinations
Customizable data access made easy.
Authentication and authorization to deliver secure data access.
Facilitate collaboration and group science by creating a user profile.
Social sharing to spread awareness and build the community.

ICGC Data Portal

The International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) is a global initiative to build a comprehensive catalog of mutations in the major tumor types. The portal currently contains data from 86 worldwide cancer projects, collectively representing about molecular data from over 22,000 donors with more than 80 million somatic mutations accessible to researchers.
  • Interoperability with distributed data repositories including AWS S3 and Cancer Genome Collaboratory
  • Beautiful and informative genomic visualizations
  • In-browser analysis on cancer genomic data
OncoGrid visualizes genomic data to identify trends and patterns.
Fast file transfer with file bundling, resumable multi-part downloads, and BAM/CRAM slicing
Distributed file management through secure metadata storage.
Authentication and authorization to deliver secure data access.
Automated deployment of JupyterHub to analyze ICGC data on Jupyter Notebooks.

NCI GDC Data Portal

The National Cancer Institute’s GDC Data Portal has harmonized genomic data from over 33,000 cancer patients from programs such as The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA), Therapeutically Applicable Research to Generate Effective Treatments (TARGET) and Foundation Medicine.
  • Explore genomic and clinical data from cancer patients
  • Create virtual cohort by search across all patients for specific clinical attributes and genomic mutations
Sapien correlates donors to primary sites of the human body.
OncoGrid visualizes genomic data to identify trends and patterns.
Survivalplot visualizes datasets to determine probable health outcomes.

Cancer Genome Collaboratory

The Cancer Genome Collaboratory is an academic compute cloud resource that allows researchers to run complex analysis operations across large ICGC cancer genome datasets as well as their own data. One petabyte of ICGC data is co-located with elastic compute enabling researchers to bring analysis tools to the data for faster discovery.
  • Self-service cloud computing made affordable
  • Convenient usage tracking for Openstack
  • Accelerate research by bringing analysis to the data
Billing & Usage
Track and manage compute usage on an Openstack tenant to streamline customer billing operations.
Automatically manage user enrolment to a project, as well as supporting user self-registration.