Arranger needs the correct Elasticsearch credentials to access the ES cluster. By default the username and password for Elasticsearch is elastic and myelasticpassword.

However, if these values need to be changed, they can be modified prior to deploying the ES service. To do this you will need to update Arranger's Makefile.

  1. Open the Makefile in an editor and look for the #Variables section:
# Variables
DOCKER_DIR := $(ROOT_DIR)/docker
ES_DATA_DIR := $(DOCKER_DIR)/elasticsearch
ES_HOST := http://localhost:9200
ES_INDEX := file_centric_1.0
ES_PASS := myelasticpassword
ES_USER := elastic
RETRY_CMD := $(ROOT_DIR)/scripts/
ES_BASIC_AUTH := $(shell printf "$(ES_USER):$(ES_PASS)" | base64)
  1. Modify the ES_USER and ES_PASS to the credentials of your choice.

  2. Run the installation as normal. Our Installation guide can be found here.