Score's primary function is to facilitate the secure upload and download of file data to and from an object storage provider. Utilizing time-limited pre-signed URLs, Score ensures secure access to file data within object storage.

Score specializes in data transfer, leaving metadata complexities to its companion application, Song, which handles the validation and tracking of metadata in its own repository, separate from object storage concerns. Together, Score and Song streamline distributed data organization.

High Performance Transfers

Score offers a high-performance multipart transfer system with several advantages:

  • Enables segmented file downloads, allowing for pause and resume functionality
  • Automatically resumes file transfers if interrupted, for instance, due to connection issues
  • Utilizes parallelization for efficient and rapid file uploads and downloads

Data Integrity

  • Score guarantees file transfer authenticity by conducting MD5 validations on all file uploads and downloads

BAM & CRAM Slicing

  • Score client incorporates samtools features, enabling viewing of reads from BAM files
  • Provides the capability to slice BAM and CRAM files by genomic regions using command line tools

The Score Client

The Score-Client, a command-line tool, simplifies interactions with Score's REST API endpoints. With Score-Client, users can efficiently upload and download files, and access various Score-related parameters. For detailed information on Score-Client commands, refer to our score client reference documentation.